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History: a look into King Abdul Aziz House

Saudi Arabia has been interested in archiving and digital preservation and strives to make full use of information and communication technologies. The country is engaged in collecting information and documents.

On 9 June every year, the world celebrates the International Day of Archives. According to the Saudi Press Agency SPA, the date is an occasion to strengthen cooperation mechanisms between archival institutions worldwide.

It raises awareness of decision-makers about the added value of documents and records in the development of state agencies.

Archiving of historical sources

The King Abdul Aziz House has accorded the archiving of historical sources the utmost care and attention to international standards.

The General Department of Preservation and Availability absorbs all the processes related to archiving and historical sources at the Archiving Department.

The house includes many local and international historical paper documents related to national, Arabian Peninsula, and Arab and Islamic histories.

It also contains a sophisticated hall for manuscripts that preserves pioneering Saudi, Arab, and Islamic intellectual exploits and an integrated archive of historical photos and films.

The archive constitutes an informational base indispensable for any researcher or specialist to refer to and benefit from in any studies that rely on archival materials.

Archive audio and video recordings

The Archive Department also works on archiving the audio and video recordings made by the Department to monitor Saudi Arabia’s oral content. It provides researchers with a comprehensive knowledge of events and experiences.

Moreover, King Abdulaziz House’s available interviews content has reached almost 7,000 items, amounting to a quarter-century of work.

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