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Herds of loose baboons threaten farmers in Saudi Arabia

Herds of loose baboons threaten farmers in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi National Center for Wildlife Development has started a study to examine the damage baboons are causing in residential and agricultural areas.

It also looks for acceptable methods to mitigate the damages.

The Wildlife Center said in a statement on Twitter that it is researching to curb baboon breeding and restrict the damage that baboons inflict in some regions, particularly tourist attractions.

He emphasized the detrimental environmental, social, health, and economic consequences, and is currently preparing integrated plans and public awareness efforts to solve the baboon problem.

Tourist destinations are distorted by baboon breeding.

Baboons, according to the center, are a menace to highway users, residential districts, public parks, and agricultural terraces.

All of this contributes to the construction of a false mental image of the tourist destination among those who reside in its vicinity, as well as other negative impacts on public safety.

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