Gulf Electricity Markets: Saudi Arabia Launches Platform for Project Linking Gulf Market with Iraq

The Gulf region has been witnessing significant developments in the field of energy and electricity markets. Saudi Arabia is set to launch a groundbreaking project that aims to link the Gulf market with Iraq. This project involves the exchange of electrical energy between Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Iraq. It has the potential to open up new avenues for bilateral and multilateral trade.

The Vision for Gulf Electricity Markets

The Gulf region has long recognized the importance of regional integration and cooperation in the energy sector. Saudi Arabia aims to link Iraq to the Gulf electricity market. It is taking a major step towards realizing this vision. The project is set to be launched by Prince Saud bin Nayef the Governor of the Eastern Province. It will establish a platform for the exchange of electrical energy between GCC countries and Iraq.

Role of Gulf Interconnection Authority

The Gulf Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) is the driving force behind the project to link the Gulf market with Iraq. Ahmed Al-Ebrahim, the CEO of GCCIA, highlighted the significance of the platform in opening up new opportunities for trade and the exchange of electrical energy within the Gulf region. The platform will enable GCC countries to enter into bilateral or multilateral agreements, reserve the necessary transmission lines for electricity transfer, and facilitate seamless cross-border trade.

Advantages for Gulf Countries

The project holds numerous advantages for Gulf countries in terms of trade and energy security. By linking the Gulf market with Iraq, the platform will enhance trade opportunities. It will enable countries to enter into mutually beneficial agreements. The reservation of transmission lines will ensure the smooth transfer of electrical energy between Gulf countries. It will also foster greater cooperation and integration. Moreover, the platform will facilitate intra-Gulf trade, streamlining processes and promoting efficient trade practices.

The Impact on Iraq

The project also holds great promise for Iraq, providing the country with the opportunity to exchange and trade electrical energy with GCC countries. Iraq will have the flexibility to engage in collective, separate, or individual trade agreements. This will greatly enhance the country’s energy trade options. This platform will play a crucial role in strengthening Iraq’s ties with GCC countries. It will promote economic cooperation in the energy sector.

The New Market Management System

The platform for linking the Gulf market with Iraq will incorporate a new market management system, replacing the existing electricity market management system. This transition is essential to meet the evolving demands of the market and align with the goals and requirements of GCCIA. The new system is designed to enhance efficiency, provide flexibility for market participants and traders, and ensure seamless integration with other market sectors. It will also serve as a reliable interface for data exchange and settlement, catering to the specific needs of GCC countries and Iraq.

The Future of Gulf Electricity Markets

The inauguration of the platform connecting the Gulf and Iraqi markets heralds a pivotal development in Gulf electricity markets. It establishes a framework for enhanced regional cooperation, trade, and integration, fostering a more unified and robust energy sector. The project’s consolidated data exchange and sophisticated market management infrastructure lay the groundwork for subsequent advancements in the Gulf’s electric markets.


The project to link the Gulf market with Iraq is a testament to the commitment of Gulf countries towards regional integration and cooperation in the energy sector. By establishing a platform for the exchange of electrical energy, this project will foster greater trade opportunities and enhance energy security within the region. It is a remarkable endeavor that will shape the future of Gulf electricity markets, promoting sustainable growth and development. The project will undoubtedly strengthen ties between Gulf countries and Iraq, paving the way for a more interconnected and prosperous energy landscape.

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