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Two Saudis register patent to generate electricity by walking

Two Saudi academics were able to register a patent with the US Patent Office for the idea of ​​generating electricity by walking over floors in public places.

For his part, Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Khatib, assistant professor of medical engineering at King Abdulaziz University, affirmed the idea is to collect energy by applying pressure to small pistons placed under the floors.

Al-Khatib explained that the generated energy is collected in batteries for use when needed, pointing out that the invention is suitable for places where the number of pedestrians is large over long distances.

He said that this technology is suitable for malls, walkways, hotel entrances, large buildings, and the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina.

He also noted that he worked for many years to be able to patent the invention, stressing that this idea does not require new equipment or specific technologies, but rather is ready for implementation.

Al-Khatib added that he uses pistons underneath ordinary tiles, which use a liquid that could be water, oil or inert gases. He explained that when the pistons are pressed, turbines similar to turbines that generate power are driven by means of air or water.

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