Global Currencies vs. Saudi Riyal: Monday’s Exchange Rates

Saudi Riyal Banknotes

Global currencies’ exchange rate does vary from time to time due to various economic indicators. Saudi riyal (SAR) is not an exception to these indicators.

SAR’s monetary authorities pegged the Gulf nation’s currency to the US dollar at a constant exchange rate.

Moreover, in 2003, the authorities officially pegged SAR to the US dollar at the exchange rate of 1 USD = 3.75 SAR. Besides, SAR has been the official currency of KSA since the Gulf nation was first established.

Saudi Arabian Halalah & Riyal Coins collection | Saudi Arabia - YouTube

Saudi Riyal Banknotes

SAR banknotes are: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 riyals.

Currency exchange rate is the value of one country’s currency with respect to other currency or the rate at which a person can exchange the currency for another.

Hence, it is important for regular travelers outside/inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or visitors/tourists or pilgrims to compare the currency exchange rate in the Kingdom with other major currencies. The comparison will help the public to make wise decisions when they want to buy or sell SAR.

Below is a compiled list of all major currencies compared with the current exchange rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Currency One pound to Saudi riyal
US Dollar 3.7511
Pound Sterling GBP
Chinese Yuan
Canadian Dollar
Emirati Dirham
Egyptian Pound 0.1213
Bahraini Dinar
Kuwaiti Dinar 12.02131
Omani Riyal 9.7526
Jordanian Dinar 5.75507
Qatari Riyal

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