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Ghadeer Hafez “Saudi Artistic Ambassdor” Participates in Kosovo International Art Festival

Ghadeer Hafez presented her serene paintings in the “Kosovo International Art Festival” as a proud Saudi Arabian Artist held in Kosovo, under the title “My Creative World in Kosovo”. The International Art Festival promoted the works of 30 Artists from 20 different countries.

Being the only Saudi invited by Kosovo’s Ministry of Culture to participate in the event, she stated, “I am very keen to represent my country in international artistic forums around the world, and I consider this an integral part of my duty towards my country as a Saudi citizen and visual artist.”

Hafez considers herself an artistic ambassador of Saudi Arabia

Having traveled around the world to display her work in countries such as Egypt, Italy, Turkey, China and the U.S, as an artistic pioneer and ambassador, Hafez is a strong believer in the power of the Kingdom’s artistic movement.

Besides her strong emphasis on conveying Saudi Arabian culture through her work as a visual Artist, Hafez also portrays an artistic message of faith, hope, purity and restoring one’s life balance.

In her newest work of art exhibited at the Kosovo International Art Festival, she refrained from her usual energetic use of colors, presenting  black and white paintings with some touches of blue. She explained, black and white present the psychological state every human goes through in life, while blue presents hope, concluding her message: “my painting present the human being and how God takes care of him.”


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