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Gaza: Al-Quds Journalist Dies in Israeli Airstrikes

A video circulated the internet in which a group of people were carrying Al-Quds journalist Sari Mansour. He was martyred with his colleague, Hasouna Selim, by Israeli strikes on Bureij Camp in Gaza.

Mansour is not the first journalist to die since the beginning of Israel’s war on Gaza.

Martyred Journalists


Among the seemingly endless names of martyrs shared on social media every day, recently, names of journalists or their family members started to reserve a place on this list.

At least 21 journalists died during Israel’s attack on Gaza, 17 of which are Palestinian, as per the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Wael Al-Dahdouh is a correspondant for Al Jazeera known for telling the atrocities that happen in Gaza to the world. His wife, son, daughter and grandson moved to the Nuseirat Camp following Israel’s warning on October 13 only to die in an Israeli airstrike.

“They take revenge on us in our children?” said Al-Dahdouh holding his son’s lifeless body.

Days after all of his family died and despite this unhealable wound, Al-Dahdouh decided to return back to work.

“I felt that it was my duty, despite the pain and the open wound, to get back in front of the camera,” said the Al Jazeera correspondent.

On October 9, Saeed Al-Taweel, editor-in-chief of the Al-Khamsa news website; Mohammed Sobh, a photographer from Khabar news agency died in Israeli airstrikes.

The names mentioned are just the tip of the iceburg. Many journalists and their family members lost their lives in the unfolding war in Gaza.

Apparently their bullet-proof vests with colossal “press” written on them and gigantic helmets are not Israel-proof.

“The only thing the press helmet and vest are giving me is headache and back problems,” wrote Plestia, one of the on the ground reporters, on her Instagram account.


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