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Egyptian Young man succeeds in bringing a missing Saudi child back

Users of social media users have widely circulated a video footage of an Egyptian young man named Mustafa Fawzy, who managed to return a lost Saudi child in the Mohandessin district in Cairo to his family within six hours of their meeting, during the past few days.

The story began when “Fawzi” posted a video on Tik Tok, for help, where he found a Saudi child named Ali.

Through the video footage , Fawzi said that he wants to connect the missing child with his family as soon as possible.

“Oh people, I’m facing a trouble , I met a Saudi child who has lost his family, walking in Mohandessin and I do not know how to act.” , the Egyptian young man said.

Within the circulated video footage , Fawazi asked the child how he lost his way, and he replied: “We were sitting in a small café. I went out to get something from the kiosk and then came back and lost the place, I don’t know where my family is.”

After that, “Fawzi” sent a message to the child, saying: “Okay, don’t worry, dear, your father knows how to get you through this video.”

The video gained wide circulation of social media users , which made them succeed in transferring the video to the child’s father, within six hours, during which the Saudi child was hosted by the Egyptian youth at his home.

Mustafa Fawzy appeared in another video with the child after communicating with his father and said: “Your father is on the road, happy? Do you love Egypt? “The child soon answered Yes I love Egypt very much”.

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