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Saudi Arabia plans to develop educational methods

Saudi education minister hints to upgrade process in educational methods

Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, the Saudi Minister of Education, stressed the need to impose new and innovative educational methods, making the Corona pandemic an opportunity that must be seized and not just a passing crisis.

Al-Sheikh stressed the importance of analyzing and evaluating the impact of the accelerated digital transformation and technologies on education and society as a whole.

In his speech during the meeting of the research ministers of the twenty countries, the Saudi minister pointed out that the pandemic continues to cast a deep and direct shadow on the world, and at the social and economic levels, which will lead to accelerating the digital transformation of societies, and the need to test the resilience of our educational systems.

He said, “The emerging opportunities stimulate our awareness of the need to persevere and face new challenges,” citing the Corona pandemic and its investment in the transformation that has occurred in education, changing methods of work, cooperation and problem-solving, and the importance of continuing innovation during the journey of adopting this transformation.

Dr. Al-Sheikh addressed the “Kingdom’s investment in digital transformation and linking it to Vision 2030,” reviewing the Kingdom’s investment in academic programs and degrees in advanced digital skills, information, and communication technology.

The Minister of Education indicated that the Kingdom is in a related context to this transitional phase that the world is going through, by focusing on the areas of research digital learning, digital health, smart cities, e-government, e-health, cybersecurity, and research.

At the meeting of the research ministers of G20, the Minister called for working together to maintain dialogue, exchange experiences, and devise creative solutions as well as to work to place human capital, human rights, respect, and dignity in our societies at the heart of all its operations and services.

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