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Egypt, Sudan: Guardians of the Nile exercise concluded. What’s next?

Sudan and Egypt have just finished the Guardians of the Nile exercise, a joint war games that lasted six days at a military base near Khartoum. Land, air, and sea units participated, aiming for better training and joint military readiness between the two countries.

Analysts believe the training also targets a show of force amid escalating tensions with Ethiopia. The country refused to sign a binding legal rules agreement for filling and operating the Renaissance dam, currently under construction on the Blue Nile, the main tributary of the Nile River.

Khartoum stated that the exercises aimed at “strengthening bilateral relations and unifying methods of dealing with the threats that the two countries are expected to face.”

In that context, military relations between Sudan and Egypt are developing rapidly.

The news coincides with US signals sent over the past few days about its attempt to solve the Ethiopian Dam crisis. The potency in its keenness to defuse tension in the Horn of Africa region hopes to address the interests of the three parties.

Somehow, that is what Cairo and Khartoum rely on to solve the dispute with Addis Ababa in a way that preserves water security and the rights of Sudan and Egypt. Washington is expected to announce a clearer intervention and a specific initiative soon to avoid escalation.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia is concerned with internal affairs. It has announced intention to investigate arbitrary arrests in the Tigray region after reports of the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator indicated in the country. 

The Humanitarian Coordinator had condemned the arbitrary arrest, beatings, and other forms of ill-treatment of more than 200 people during raids by security officials in the Sherry region in the Tigray region, calling for an urgent investigation into the grave violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law and bringing the perpetrators to justice. 

The United States also got involved in the matter, imposing restrictions on granting visas to any current or former Ethiopian security or government official involved in the violations and imposing widespread restrictions on economic and security assistance to Ethiopia.

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