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Discover “Dhahran”: Saudi Arabia’s Second Capital

There are news about officially changing the name of Aramco Aviation to Dhahran Aviation to enhance domestic and foreign aviation, reported AlJazeera.

Dhahran is becoming the second capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is turning into a hub of all international companies’ headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Minister of Energy, Abdulaziz bin Salman, said that they do not just aspire for the international companies to move their regional offices, as this is a dream of the past, but for them to also move their global headquarters to Dhahran.

OPEC‘s new headquarters will soon be located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco Tower and its headquarters are in Dhahran.

The Kingdom is establishing the largest economic city in the world that includes all the headquarters of international companies in Dhahran in the Eastern Province.

Things to do in Dhahran - Places to Visit in Dhahran - Welcome Saudi

Located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia,  near the site of the original discovery of oil in 1938, Dhahran stands as a testament to the country’s rapid development and its pivotal role in the global oil industry.

Since the discovery of oil in the 1930s, it has evolved from a modest desert town into a bustling city that drives the Saudi economy. The presence of Saudi Aramco has transformed the city into a global oil and gas research and development powerhouse. Moreover, the city’s landscape is dotted with state-of-the-art facilities, research centers, and residential compounds that accommodate the diverse workforce dedicated to powering the world.

Plethora Of Cultural and Recreational Facilities

For residents and visitors alike, Dhahran offers a plethora of cultural and recreational facilities. The Dhahran Expo, a prominent exhibition center, hosts a wide array of events, from trade fairs to cultural exhibitions. It draws participants from across the Middle East and beyond. Additionally, the city features parks, sports facilities, and the Aramco Exhibit museum, highlighting the oil industry’s impact and providing educational insights.

Moreover, it will house the biggest tourism project in the Middle East, the “Heart of Dhahran” project.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor


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