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Diana Haddad, about Abha …. Oh Allah it’s dazzling

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Lebanese actress Diana Haddad shared her followers and fans in her official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, a video clip about the city of Abha, Saudi Arabia, noting that she will visit this city after the end of Corona crisis.

As she tweeted the following

Oh God Abha’s splendor # and its beauty…

I decided it would be my first destination, by God willing, # Saudi Arabia #ksa

City of Abha, Saudi Arabia, have a charming scenery that hijacks hearts after being decorated in purple amid the breezes of fresh air in these wonderful atmosphere that resembles the opening of famous cherry blossoms in Japan.

At a time when the world was busy with news of the emerging Corona virus, especially the bad news that depressed some, the Saudis became talking about the enchanting scenes that had been marked by the city of Abha, Saudi Arabia.

The “city of Jakarta” trees gave breathtaking scenes in the streets and parks of the city, according to what was confirmed by the official Saudi Press Agency, “As,” by the spring, the dense branches of these trees will be covered with purple and purple flowers for 8 weeks.

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