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Crown Prince’s visit to Jordan yields promising results

Crown Prince's visit to Jordan yields promising results

Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, arrived in Jordan via an Arab station that followed Cairo on a trip that has symbolic meanings due to its timing and location.

The deputy crown prince Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s travel to Jordan and his discussions with King Abdullah II come at a crucial time, particularly before the impending Arab-American summit in Riyadh, according to Jordanian experts.

The visit is significant because it is the Saudi Crown Prince’s first trip to Jordan in a very long time, according to Dr. Jawad Al-Hamad, director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Jordan.

Al-Hamad pointed out that “Saudi Arabia has become the beacon of the major countries to rapprochement due to the oil policy in which the Kingdom plays a major role.”

He pointed out that the situation today is completely different from what it was in the past, in light of the many challenges facing the Arab world.

He considered the opportunities that the Russian-Ukrainian issue would bring to light and how the Gulf states and the area could play a part in them to benefit the nations and peoples of the region.

The expert claims that “there is a shift in US-Saudi relations, as Washington has become unable to do much at the regional and global levels, especially concerning energy without Saudi Arabia.”

Saudi Crown Prince’s arrival in Jordan

The expert suggested that the Saudi crown prince aims, to push toward regionally close countries, including Egypt, to mobilize the Arab position and its role in regional and global issues.

As for the Jordanian side, the expert believes that Jordan “is tending to settle problems with neighboring countries, especially in light of the economic crises it is suffering from

He pointed out that “the political aspect of the visit is clear, which is the mobilization of the Arab position regarding the files of the Arab-American summit in Biden’s presence,

the economic aspect of this visit is the support for Jordan through investments and agreements. he added “


Experts believe that the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince is of great importance, especially in modifying some general trends, the most important of which are the reconciliations that should prevail and that began in 2018.

They pointed out that today it seems that there is a train for these reconciliations between and within the Arab countries and the political forces and regimes.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently qualified to lead the path of reconciliation, especially when their visit began in Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey.”

experts stressed that the Saudi-Arab role with the brothers in the Gulf states, Egypt, and Jordan represents a way to surround Arab crises and spread a culture of reconciliation and containment.

The experts considered that the Turkish crisis file with the Arab world is part of the system that Saudi Arabia is trying to contain in light of the reconciliation system in the region and defuse the tension.

There was a thorny file between Saudi Arabia and Jordan that was present in the discussions, which is the security file due to the common borders between the two countries.

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The current Saudi Crown Prince’s tour is coordinating Arab stances and visions on all issues

The visit of the Saudi Crown Prince is one of the tools for consolidating the historical Saudi-Jordanian relations

The Arab world currently needs such meetings and initiatives that end differences and achieve economic and political gains for the people of the region.
Analysts praised the economic aspect of the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to the region, given the challenges and economic crises it faces, especially in Egypt and Jordan. They praised the volume of trade exchange between the Kingdom and Jordan.

On the sidelines of the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the Jordanian capital, Amman, some agreements were signed between the Saudi and Jordanian sides.

The following are the most prominent of those agreements:

  • A real estate development agreement between Al-Shaghdali Group and Al-Mutahidoon for Jordanian Law.

An agreement to train cadres between the Jordanian Atomic Energy and the Saudi counterparts.

An agreement to supply phosphoric acid between Saudi Kimian and the India-Jordanian Company.

An agreement for the treatment of olive-press waste and residues between the Saudi Olive Purity Factory and the Jordanian Octopus.

On Tuesday, Jordanian-Saudi talks were held at Al Husseiniya Palace between the Saudi Crown Prince and the Jordanian monarch.

Those bilateral discussions, which were followed by another expanded one, dealt with ways to enhance economic cooperation, and the sectors in which the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund can contribute.

The discussions also touched on the latest regional and international developments, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue

They support the Palestinians in obtaining their just and legitimate rights, and efforts to reach political solutions to the region’s crises.

The King of Jordan stressed the pivotal role of the Kingdom, in supporting the issues of the Arab and Islamic nations, promoting joint Arab action, and working to achieve peace in the region and the world.

The Saudi Crown Prince expressed his appreciation to the Jordanian monarch for the warm welcome, stressing the Kingdom’s continued keenness to consolidate relations between the two brotherly countries and peoples.

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