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Conclusion of Kingdom’s Championship for Purebred Arabian Horses

His Highness Prince Sultan bin Saud bin Muhammad crowned the winners of the Kingdom’s Championship for Arabian Horse Beauty (Kahila), which concluded yesterday in Riyadh, north of the capital.

For the Mukhaidiyat Stud, the stallion “Fuerte” won first place in the stallion division, second place in the “IA Argin Al Maroten” stallion, and third place in the world stud stallion “Fahad Al-Tanhala.”

The championship saw the participation of nearly 400 horses, owned by more than 120 breeders and owners from different regions of the Kingdom.

The tournament concluded its roles with the victory of the dowry “Bandar Al-Wasil” for the Al-Wasil stall, first in the category of “Age of the Year”, and the second place, “Firas Akmal” for the “Akmal Stud”, and “Aali Al-Shamekh” for the Ajmal link in the third place.

 The dowry “Yamen Al Khaled” for the Al Nassar Stud won the first place in the category of foals, aged 2 years, and “Marzan Al Jawaher” for Badr Mansour Al Muslim won second place and “Rakan Al Reef” for Al Reef Stud ranked third.

The dowry “Shamekh Al-Badayer” by Abdullah Al-Shayi` achieved the first place in the category of foals, aged 3 years, and “AJ Natil” for Abdullah Al-Haidari and “De Subhan” for the Hittin Stud ranked third.

The mare “Brinka” of Al Rajhihat Stud ranked first in its category, while the mare “Sable” came in second place and “Byakula” was ranked third for Sama Najd Stud.

The Kahila Championship: 1st of its Kind

It is noteworthy that the (Kahila) championship is the first of its kind to be held in a closed hall in the Kingdom.

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