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Coalition announces the liberation of Shabwa Governorate in Yemen

Riyadh Consultations … Unique Roadmap to Peace
Riyadh Consultations … Unique Roadmap to Peace

Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, a spokesperson for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, acknowledged that the liberation of Shabwa Governorate is a historic event, praising the sacrifices made for the governorate’s liberation.

Following his arrival in Shabwa, Al-Maliki declared the launch of Operation Happy Freedom of Yemen on all axes and fronts, intending to achieve progress and prosperity in the nation. He urged Yemenis to unite behind their political leadership.

He emphasized the coalition’s commitment to the approach of credibility and openness of operational and media events.

 He went on to say that there is obvious proof of Iran transporting weapons to the Houthi militia and that many displaced Yemenis are fleeing the militias’ clear crimes, emphasizing that the Houthis refuse discussion and hinder Yemen’s political process.

The coalition spokesman praised the UAE’s role in all levels of the coalition’s actions to support legitimacy, emphasizing that the Riyadh Agreement is the cornerstone of Yemen’s interests.

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