Buckle Up for Fantastical Journey at Masameer 2 in Boulevard City

The famous animated series Masameer 2 at Boulevard City takes its visitors on a special adventure with an interactive show that uses modern technologies, adding more fun to the real world, reported News 24.

Masameer 2 narrates an exciting adventure where aliens kidnap the heroes to a planet, and then visitors join them on a fantastical journey to return.

مسامير 2".. مغامرة "خيالية" بالبوليفارد | أخبار 24

In the Masameer pavilion, there are models of the tools like cups and clothing. Visitors can document their unparalleled journey.

Riyadh Season brings together the cultures of many countries in one place around the world’s largest artificial lake. It offered many other events including hot air balloons, submarine rides, boats, and cafes and restaurants with international flavors.

Zeela House in Boulevard City

Similarly,  Zeela House in Boulevard City experience combines horror and enjoyment within the confines of Boulevard City, reported News 24.

In Zeela house, visitors live in a world consisting of five stages full of ghosts, testing their courage and ability to face challenges.

Zeela House is a horror experience that reflects living in distant forests among ghosts and monsters, challenging visitors to try to escape and survive before it’s too late and they get lost in the world of ghosts.

Zeela house | webook.com

Scary yet Enjoyable Experience

Naturally,  zombies and horror shows are usually scary. However, Zeela House offers an exceptional experience that combines horror and enjoyment at the same time.  Boulevard visitors confirmed this after their visit to the House.

Boulevard city visitors noted that Zeela House presents the horror experience in a very beautiful way; thanks to the creative touches and beautiful design of the place that makes the visitor eager to revisit this landmark.

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