Blazers: 5 Ways to Wear Them

If all you have in your closet is one jacket, then it’s got to be a blazer.

Without a doubt, blazers are the most versatile wardrobe items you can wear, quickly taking you quicker from formal to casual than a pair of jeans you can put on. And not only that, but every look, tracksuits aside, can be taken by a good blazer to the next level, bumping up those style points along the way.

Now before you go grabbing your suit jacket, it’s important to note the difference between it and a genuine blazer.

There Is None

That’s right, this isn’t the 19th century, so those nautical style blazers of the past are now quite often the top halves of navy blue suits. Of course, you can still purchase an out and out blazer, and if you decide to do so, here are a few tips on picking the right one.

Buying One

Type – Go for a classic double-breasted two-button blazer as this will work well with all outfits and is suitable for any occasion.

The shoulders – If you intend to wear it for formal occasions as well as casual, then be sure to choose one with padded shoulders to give a cleaner less casual silhouette.

Make sure it fits – As with all matters sartorial, the fit is everything. Having your blazer tailor made is obviously the best course of action, but if purchasing off the rack, then a good rule of thumb is to make sure that the shoulder seam sits on the edge of your shoulder.

Color – Grey and navy are the most common options and are certainly the safest bets for business events or more formal occasions.

However, brown and tan are ideal choices for the purely casual blazer.

The Looks

There are many ways to wear your blazer but here are the five that we like best.

With A Dress Shirt And Tie

Now before you start thinking that this is just a suit look, it’s not. You’re most likely going to match this with a pair of chinos or smart jeans and some casual shoes. And the dress shirt with tie creates a wonderful sartorial juxtaposition.

With A Sweater

Sweaters add texture to what might otherwise be a one-dimensional look. They add a slight touch of sophistication too when worn in a casual setting and give the impression that you made an effort in your appearance.

With A Polo Shirt

For a more casual style opt for a polo shirt. The collar ensures that you are still ever so slightly dressed up, but once the blazer is off you’re in pure casual mode. This look is ideal for a day out at a sporting event.

With A V-Neck T-Shirt

And when you’ve had enough of buttons for the week, it’s time to try the V-neck t-shirt look. The reason for choosing a V-neck as opposed to a crew neck is that the V has that sharp look that works well with your lapels keeping your style hovering at Ryan Gosling levels.

With Jeans

Yes, it’s true that you may wear jeans with all the above looks but then again you might not. While perfectly dyed jeans are a great partner for your new blazer, we also quite like a distressed pair that will dress down that jacket in the most stylish of ways.

So, whether you choose to go with your suit jacket or invest in a standalone blazer, make sure to adopt one of the styles above to bring your style game up a level. And if you happen to be around the CBD then pop into the showroom for a chat and let us be the judge of your new look.

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