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Bill Gates Reveals post-Corona Challenges

During the past months, the world’s thinking has focused on finding the appropriate vaccine that will end the tragedy of the spread of the Corona virus around the world after it affected millions, without anyone paying attention to life after the pandemic.
Today, after companies emerged with a number of possibilities about vaccines, it is time to think about life after Corona, so US billionaire Bill Gates appeared and issued his warnings.
The founder of the US “Microsoft” company, Bill Gates, shed light on the challenges that the world will face, after the elimination of the Corona epidemic that changed the parameters of human life during the past months. He revealed two main challenges that people will have to face after recovering from Covid-19 permanently. They are climate change and biological warfare.
The most famous man referred to the growing volume of greenhouse gases that affects the atmosphere annually, pointing to the need to stop these emissions, to prevent the earth from being destroyed due to global warming. In an interview with the British newspaper “The Guardian”, he stated the need to work on bringing these emissions down to zero, pointing out the difficulty of this task.
Furthermore Gates elaborated that because of Corona, industrial activities declined around the world, which caused a decrease in the volume of gases by 5%, which is a very low percentage compared to what is required to protect our planet.

In response to a question about what must be done after the elimination of the Coronavirus and what may accompany this in the return of harmful emissions to their state before the epidemic, Gates clarified that people should focus on the technologies, policies and activities that will put us on the path to eliminating greenhouse gases by the year 2050.
He also pointed out that we must devote ourselves in the coming years to serving the goal of permanently eliminating greenhouse gases.
Noteworthy, the new Coronavirus has killed more than two million people around the world since the first announcement of its appearance in China in 2019, while it infected more than 100 million people.

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