18-hole International Golf Course is 1 of the most prominent features of Coral Bloom

The Red Sea Development Company said that the 18-hole International Golf Course is one of the most prominent features of Coral Bloom designs on the main island.
The dolphin-like “sinister” island is located in the Red Sea project on the western coast of the Kingdom. It is one of our 92 islands in the archipelago, which is home to the fourth largest reef in the world. It includes untouched coral reefs and an enormous number of endangered species.
The Red Sea Development Company revealed that the design of the world-class golf course on the main island of Coral Bloom was designed according to the sustainability criteria emanating from the company’s principles.
The selection of the playground components according to these standards is currently under way .The method of maintenance and care with the least harm to the environment is considered.
The company confirmed that the final designs will be announced according to the international company implementing it, in the coming weeks.

The new stadium will be on top of the list of global stadiums in Saudi Arabia. It will highlight the skills and capabilities of players, in addition to containing and discovering Saudi talents in golf. It will provide the appropriate place for visitors who practice it to enjoy a different experience on the island.
The golf area in the project will include approximately 75 residential villas, and a large golf club on an extended area with panoramic views of the island’s coast adjacent to the 18-hole green course of international standards. It will make it the ideal destination for practicing this sport in the open air on large areas of green grass.
His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Development Company, had recently launched “Coral Bloom” designs for the main island of the project.
The British design and architecture firm Foster + Partners implemented the designs of “Coral Bloom” for the 11 resorts and hotels on the main island. This design vision will give visitors a luxury tourism experience unparalleled in the whole world.

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