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Biden calls for a ceasefire in Gaza but agrees to sell arms to Israel

After eight days of violence in Gaza between Israel and Palestinian groups, US President Joe Biden expressed his support for the truce. However, Washington once again has blocked a UN Security Council resolution to end the violence.

Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US was trying to end hostilities with Egypt and other nations. According to a White House statement, the president has encouraged Israel to make every effort to ensure the safety of innocent civilians. 

Despite the conciliatory speech, Biden decided to sell Israel US$735mi in weapons. Simultaneously, the US has blocked UN Security Council attempts to issue a statement calling on Israel to suspend its military offensive for the third time instead of stressing its diplomatic endeavours.

On Monday, Israel began to pound Gaza with airstrikes, prompting Palestinian groups to retaliate with missiles. Israel’s leaders have vowed to continue their drive once more. Meanwhile, Hamas’ military wing has threatened to fire more rockets in retaliation.

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