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Basic rules of etiquette that should not be overlooked

There are basic rules of etiquette that everyone should know and not lose sight of. To deal courteously and morally with those around us, and to act in a healthy social framework that does not harm anyone.

Everyone tends to deal with a classy personality with good morals, who maintains the feelings and feelings of those around them, and which leaves a good impression on others, which is controlled by the rules of etiquette.

we gathered a set of the most important rules of etiquette that everyone should know while dealing with others, as follows:

1- Choose polite words and phrases when talking to others.

2- Avoid speaking in a foreign language that is difficult for the other party to translate and understand.

3- Avoid using vulgar words and insulting expressions, especially in the field of work or while talking to older people, children or women.

– You must be familiar with the topic the discussion is about, and have sufficient knowledge about it.

5- During the exchange of views, restraint must be made, be calm, stay away from convulsions, and use provocative phrases, hurtful words, a loud voice and screaming.

6- Respecting time and appointments; As the individual must respect his time and the times of others, and he has no right to be late for any appointment.

7- In case he is forced to delay, he must have a convincing excuse, and inform the other party of the delay.

8- Neat and elegant costumes are not related to international brands and brands, rather the clothes must be clean and fit for the occasion.

9- You should avoid wearing obscene and narrow clothes at work, in addition to avoiding shoes with high heels for evening events in the workplace.

10- You should not exaggerate the application of make-up and decorations while going to work.

Etiquette and etiquette are not always associated with fork and tranquility, and how to eat or stand and sit in a certain way. Rather, they are simple rules and actions that show respect for yourself and everyone, especially in the current world, which has become dominated by hatred and lacks affection and mercy.

By following a set of simple rules that will turn into habits over time, you can share more affection and kindness with others, as you might create their day with an automatic and simple act; Here are 10 simple and easy ways to improve your community’s outlook and be an effective and influential component of society.

1- Offer your seat

It includes etiquette and etiquette to offer your seat on transportation in general to anyone in need; If you are completely healthy, offer your seat to anyone in poor health or to a pregnant woman, which makes commuting easier for everyone, so what you did today will be returned to you tomorrow.

The same applies to all daily situations. “Helping” is a great thing that increases the social outlook on you. You can let someone stand in front of you in line, of course, you will make his day better, and let people get off the elevator or train first before ascending.

2- Get to know those around you

Engaging in hot conversations and topics with all people is not pleasant, but rather exposes you to many problems and arguments that may end inappropriately; So it is best to be fully aware of those around you so that you know very well what to say and when to say it.

3- Say “Sorry, please, and thank you”

Using polite and courteous words such as “please and thank you” does not reduce your value at all, but rather increases the social perception that you will have as possible around you; If you bump into someone, you can use these words instead of conflict, and do not neglect the use of words of thanks, especially for people close to you.

4- Smile

Smiling is charity, and it is also the key to hearts, as it may steal respect, friendliness and love for those you smile at, whether it is a gas station worker, bank teller, or your colleague at work, even if you do not find the smile on their faces, take the initiative.

Etiquette rules

5- Hold the door to the person standing behind you

This step will not take much of your time, but it means a lot to the other party. It indicates the nobility of personality, sophistication and tact, and if someone holds the door for you, always say “thank you” with a smile.

6- Give people an excuse

None of us want to look at him inappropriately; So make sure that every mistake stems from someone there are many and many reasons behind it; So always give people an excuse, whether it’s a weird salesperson, or a driver raising their voice, you have no idea what’s going on with this pe7- Look at the person talking to you

It is impolite to look at the mobile phone while someone is talking to you, whether it is your father, mother, brother or friend, this habit that has become widespread, far from the rules and etiquette of etiquette. So give the person talking to you a few minutes of your time as they may be in desperate need of advice.

The same applies to eating, as it is healthier to put your mobile phone away while eating meals with family, friends, or with your wife, as food has its etiquette.

8- Be on time

Being late for appointments is not a social etiquette, so know very well that everyone is busy. So stop making people wait for you and be on the preset date.

9- Handwriting

Writing letters, notes of thanks and congratulations in handwriting is much better than electronic congratulations that have become common in recent years, as it is one of the etiquette rules that cannot be abandoned; because you show interest in the other person; so take the time to show that you care.

10. Connect with people who are feeling sad

Do not pretend that nothing has happened, but you should communicate with people who are feeling sad and try to comfort them, even if you are sitting in silence, and if you do not know what to do, treat it simply and stick to a look full of love and affection.

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