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ARCO Calls for Support for Humanitarian Response in Libya

The General Secretariat of the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization (ARCO) has called for support and provision of humanitarian needs to people affected by Hurricane Daniel in Libya, which left more than 5,300 people dead and over 11,000 missing and caused significant material losses.


In an urgent humanitarian request, the Secretariat said yesterday that the Libyan people affected by this disaster urgently need support to help alleviate their suffering and improve their situation. It calls for all agencies and associations to provide urgent support to meet the humanitarian needs in Libya, as the hurricane has caused 7,000 families to be trapped and 20,000 people to be displaced, in addition to immense damage to schools, hospitals, and infrastructure, including loss of communications and electricity.


According to the Secretariat, 7,914,300 USD is needed as an initial response to the crisis to secure the needs of 11,000 families, namely shelter services, food, water and sanitation, safety equipment, and medical assistance.

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