Aramco, ENOWA Spearhead Synthetic Fuel Production in Groundbreaking Joint Venture

On October 24, 2023, Aramco, a global frontrunner in energy and chemical services, inked a joint development pact with ENOWA, NEOM’s energy and water powerhouse, to engineer a pioneering synthetic electro fuel (e-fuel) demonstration plant.

This venture, nestled in ENOWA’s Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center (HIDC) in NEOM, aspires to churn out 35 barrels of low-carbon, synthetic gasoline daily, blending renewable hydrogen and sequestered carbon dioxide (CO2).

Technology Underpinning Synthetic Fuel Production

The e-fuel technology hinges on a circular carbon economy model, projected to slash CO2 emissions by over 70% compared to traditional fuels.

Upon completion, the integrated facility is expected to generate 12 tons of synthetic methanol daily from green hydrogen and CO2, transitioning into low-carbon gasoline via ExxonMobil’s Fluidized-Bed Methanol-to-Gasoline (MtG) technology.

Aramco, ENOWA: Harnessing Renewable Energies

The HIDC aims to unlock green hydrogen production, leveraging a 20-megawatt electrolyzer powered by renewable resources. This innovative hub, curated by ENOWA, will magnify the region’s potential in harnessing wind and solar energy commercially.

Confluence of Ambitions

The e-fuel demo plant embodies an intersection of Aramco’s and ENOWA’s ambitions in fostering a circular carbon economy, propelling emissions reduction, and validating nascent green fuel technologies for impending large-scale projects.

Aramco, ENOWA: Unveiling Future Possibilities

The collaboration heralds a new epoch in synthetic fuel technology, accentuating Saudi Arabia’s pivotal role in a circular carbon economy driven by green hydrogen. The venture foresees a vibrant panorama of sustainable technologies, invigorating the economic implementation of future clean energy supplies.

Notably, the Malaysian Prime Minister highlighted the strategic partnership between Saudi Aramco and Malaysia, emphasizing the potential for closer ties and robust investment opportunities. This partnership has significant implications for the energy sector in Southeast Asia.

The cornerstone of the Saudi Aramco-Malaysia partnership is the joint venture established in 2017 at the Pengerang Integrated Complex in Johor, Malaysia. This venture aligns with Saudi Aramco’s global expansion strategy and positions Malaysia as a crucial hub for its operations in Southeast Asia.


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