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Arab leaders appreciate the efforts of “OPEC +” to ensure the stability of global markets

Arab leaders appreciate the efforts of “OPEC +” to ensure the stability of global markets

The leaders of the Arab countries meeting in Algeria approved the “Algeria Declaration” after the thirty-first session of the summit, which was held over two days and concluded (Wednesday). The leaders agreed on: –


The absolute support for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to freedom, self-determination, and the establishment of the independent and fully sovereign state of Palestine on the lines of June 4, 1967.


– Emphasizing adherence to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative with all its elements and priorities, and commitment to a just and comprehensive peace as a strategic option to end the Israeli occupation of all Arab lands.


Stressing the need to continue efforts and endeavors to protect the occupied city of Jerusalem and its holy sites. This is in response to the rejected and condemned attempts at occupation.


Demanding the lifting of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, condemning the use of force by the occupying power against the Palestinians, all barbaric practices, including assassinations and arbitrary arrests, and demanding the release of all prisoners and detainees, especially children, women, the sick and the elderly.


– Emphasizing the adoption and support of the State of Palestine’s approach to obtaining full membership in the UN.


– Working to strengthen joint Arab action to protect Arab national security in its comprehensive concept and all its political, economic, food, energy, water, and environmental dimensions.


Rejection of foreign interference in all its forms in the internal affairs of Arab countries. Adherence to the principle of Arab solutions to Arab problems by strengthening the role of the League of Arab States in preventing.


Expressing full solidarity with the Libyan people and supporting efforts aimed at ending the Libyan crisis through a Libyan-Libyan solution that preserves the unity and sovereignty of Libya.


– Emphasizing the support of the legitimate Yemeni government, blessing the formation of the Presidential Leadership Council, and supporting efforts to reach a political solution to the Yemeni crisis.


– The importance of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis.


Welcoming the revitalization of constitutional life in Iraq, including the formation of the government, and praising its efforts aimed at achieving stability and economic development.


– Commitment to the principles of non-alignment and to the common Arab position on the war in Ukraine, which is based on renouncing the use of force and seeking to activate the option of peace. The efforts made by other Arab countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Appreciate the balanced policy pursued by the “OPEC +” alliance to ensure the stability of global energy markets.

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