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“Arab Gulf Security 3″ military drills start in Saudi Arabia

The activities of the joint tactical exercise “Arab Gulf Security 3,” in which all Gulf Cooperation Council nations participate began in the city of Abqaiq, eastern Saudi Arabia. The activity seeks to improve cooperation as well as preparedness and readiness.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the security forces of the GCC countries have arrived in the Eastern Region to participate in the joint tactical exercise of the security services of the GCC countries (Arab Gulf Security 3) with all of their human elements and specialized security equipment, in preparation for the exercise’s launch.

A Qatari security force arrived in Saudi Arabia, Thursday, to participate in the “Arab Gulf Security 3” exercise, along with security forces from Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, and the Sultanate of Oman.
The Saudi Assistant Minister of Interior for Operations Affairs Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani reviewed the participating security forces, while the exercise commander Shaya bin Salem Al-Wadani confirmed the completion of preparations and the readiness of the participating forces to launch joint exercises and hypotheses.

The “Arab Gulf Security 3” exercise aims to strengthen the security cooperation bonds between GCC countries, as well as to increase the level of coordination and readiness of security services to confront crises and emergencies and to address all threats and risks to the Gulf region.

Police forces and units from the UAE participate through their equipped teams to enhance continuous work to develop police work and security elements’ capabilities in dealing with crises and emergencies in a team spirit, exchanging experiences, benefits, and best practices used in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Major General Shaye bin Salem Al-Wadani, the commander of the exercise, thanked and appreciated the UAE for hosting the activities of the Arab Gulf Security Exercise 2, announcing the launch of the exercise with high enthusiasm and sincere trust, wishing success for the exercise and achieving its goals in preserving the Gulf homeland and enhancing its security.

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