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An Average Security Man: Prince Farhan has Contacted me Regarding My Artwork

Abdullah bin Abdul-Muhsin is a Saudi citizen who loves to draw. His passion for drawing grabbed the attention of many people in Saudi Arabia. His hobby started since he was a little kid in elementary school.

Meanwhile, Abdullah is an average citizen who works as a security man in night shifts and as a deliveryman during the day. He is dreaming about growing his art and delivering his message to society.

He joined twitter and started to share his art, so he became a trend in the famous application. Many people have started to follow him, and the Saudi Culture Minister, Prince Badr bin Farhan, has contacted him personally to support his art.

When the prince asked him about the kind of support he wants, Abdullah answered that his dream is to have an exhibition for his art where he can express himself.

Abdullah said: “the prince loved my artwork, and I’m proud of that.” And he added: “many of my artwork was sold, but my aim is not for doing business. It is about contributing to the art field.”

During school, the teachers influenced Abdullah, and later, he developed his drawings throughout the time. He is dreaming of being an inspiration to the other artists in the field.

Soon there will be other news regarding the art exhibition as promised by prince Badr bin Farhan.

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