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Al-Haraba Beach: A pristine on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast

Al-Haraba beach Saudi Arabia Red Sea

Al-Haraba beach, located between the islands of Dhahrat and Maradona on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, to the south of the city of Al-Wajh in the kingdom’s northwest, stands out among the dark blue waters.

The beach’s unique location made it an attractive location for snorkeling enthusiasts, due to the clarity of its waters and the diversity of coral reefs’ colors, which made it a distinct tourist destination, especially in winter.

Photographer Mohammed Al-Sharif embodied the aesthetics of the Al-Haraba through his creative lens, showing the magic of blue water, and the geographical diversity that made it an attractive element for tourism.

The visitor can also see through the pictures what the Al-Haraba stores of coral reefs, marine rocks and sand of different colors, the purity of sea water, and the moderation of its climate throughout the year.

Al-Wajh beaches

The photographer, Al-Sharif, during his speech to Al, confirmed that the governorate of Al-Wajh, through its interest in the sites, turned it into a tourist destination, so came his keenness and desire to convey the aesthetics of the tourist sites to the world.

He added: Along the coast of Al-Wajh, there are many attractive sites, including the beaches of “Sharm Zaim” and “Al-Durar”, which is famous for its abundance of rocks and coral reefs.

The Kingdom has become a destination for tourists from the countries of the region and the world, until the number of visas issued – even before the Corona pandemic – reached about 450 thousand visas, since the launch of the tourist visa by the Saudi Tourism Authority in the year 2019

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