Al-Falih: We Will Change Game Rules in Africa

Saudi Investment Minister Khalid Al-Falih asserted Saudi Arabia’s ongoing work with  Africa, affirming the implementation of game-changing investments.


Game-Changing Initiatives


The Public Investment Fund (PIF) shows significant interest in Africa. In the right time, PIF will announce transformative game-changing projects concerning the work with Africa.

Agreements to safeguard investments in the African continent are on the horizon, intending to minimize costs for investing entities.

Saudi Companies Eyeing Africa


ACWA Power’s Expansion

ACWA Power, partly owned by the Public Investment Fund, has evolved into a global renewable energy and desalination titan, eyeing vast future African investments.

Aramco‘s Energy Ventures

Saudi Aramco has channeled investments into Kenya and plans to upscale, alongside other private sector investments in various fields.

SALIC’s Agricultural Interests

The Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC), with significant capital, has invested in the African continent.

Investment Sectors and Costs


Investments span agriculture, energy, mining, and logistics. The investment cost in the African countries is notably higher compared to the US and Europe. The Kingdom’s investments in Africa are worth $75 bln.


Link between  developmental finance and investments from different entities, government collaboration, and investor risk reduction will facilitate capital inflow and African prosperity.


With notable progress in African nations, Gulf, Arab, and international investors are eager to engage, focusing on sustainable economic growth.


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