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Al-Burhan says talks on a Sudan political framework are ongoing

The head of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan warned recently the party of former President Omar al-Bashir and the Islamist movement loyal to him against trying to “take shelter in the army or spread rumors that they will return to rule through the military institution.”

Al-Burhan said in a speech while inspecting the operational military base of Hattab, that the Sudanese army does not take sides with any party except Sudan. He stressed that “the army is not loyal to a specific party, does not have a party or group, and has not defended a faction or party.”

He stressed that the military establishment “is innocent of rumors that it supports the National Congress Party or (the Islamic movement), and added: “This is a lie that they will not return to rule through the army.”

He continued, directing his speech to al-Bashir’s party: “Keep away from the armed forces and raise your hands and pens from them. The army will not allow any group to return through it, not the National Congress, the Islamic Movement, or others.”

Al-Burhan confirmed the existence of an understanding with the political forces regarding the management of the transitional period, pointing out that some young people from the political parties sat down in this regard, after appealing to them for the patriotic spirit.

He said, “We will not hesitate or delay in supporting anyone who wants to save the country and works for it. As for anyone who works against Sudan, we will stand against him.”

Al-Burhan criticized the political forces for “holding back their opinions” and refusing to agree on a single document.

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