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Al-Ahsa Becomes Deputy Head of UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Represented by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shabaith, Al-Ahsa won the position of Deputy Head of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, which are 66 cities worldwide, reported Akhbaar 24.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shabaith won this position in recognition of Al-Ahsa’s creative potential, which places it among its counterparts in countries around the world. In addition, it has rich cultural heritage and deep history in the field of handicrafts and folk arts.

Al-Ahsa was represented in the global network in the creative field as the first Gulf city and the third Arab city. It achieved close cooperation for development programs between creative cities with the aim of sustainable development and working to preserve heritage, in addition to exchanging complementary experiences between member cities

More About Al Ahsa


Nestled in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Al-Ahsa stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and human ingenuity. The city has the largest palm oasis in the world. This verdant expanse is not just a natural wonder but a symbol of cultural and historical significance.

It stretches over an extensive area, boasting more than 2.5 million palm trees. This vast coverage makes it the largest palm oasis on the globe. The oasis has a natural aquifer system which ensures its lushness in the midst of the surrounding desert landscape. The size of Al-Ahsa is not just impressive but also plays a crucial role in the ecological balance of the region.

Moreover, the history of Al-Ahsa Palm Oasis is as rich as its soil. For centuries, this oasis has been a center of agriculture and trade. The cultivation techniques used in it have been passed down through generations, showcasing a unique blend of traditional practices and modern methods. This historical significance adds to the charm and allure of the oasis.

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