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Adventure! Saudi traveller tours 60 countries on a motorcycle

A Saudi man completed a personal journey worldwide on his motorcycle, learning about people’s customs and traditions and documenting their civilization and history.

The engineer Meshaal Al-Sudairy documented his travels through more than 60 nations in the books The World on the Bike and Pictures from My Trips, which features the most stunning photographs he shot during his adventure.

In an interview with, he said Knowledge is the basis, an essential matter for human thought richness, explaining:

“The globe is a world full of life and has many traditions, which need coexistence and benefit from life away from conflicts and narrow horizons. The real wealth in life is not a matter of prestige, but rather the acquisition of culture and tourism (…). My idea has been haunting me for years, especially since I am collecting three hobbies, which are trekking, riding a motorcycle, and cinematography or photography”.

The traveller started his journey in 2012. He visited more than 60 countries until reaching Antarctica via the National Geographic Explorer ship, followed by the Arctic on an icebreaker. Finally, he ice biked on a trip to northern Europe and Finland.

He continued: “The motorcycle is of great importance, even though transporting and shipping it is a difficult process from the logistical point of view, which prompted me to rent a bike from anywhere I arrive, through specialized companies (…).The most difficult road that I encountered was the Himalayas, as they were rugged and covered with snow, and parts of them were muddy, as mud and icy slides abounded on the road, which made the road full of difficulties and dangers.”

He concluded by saying the wanderlust requires great effort and patience. However, for sure, this was a worthy challenge!

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