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Former Military Adviser to US State Department Abbas Dahouk praises Iraqi-US relations

Abbas Dahouk, the former military advisor to the US State Department, told Al-Arabiya, “We have a prime minister who is ready to do good to the Iraqi people, and he has very strong relations with the Biden administration. He visited Washington twice as prime minister, and this is unprecedented for any other country with the US.”

He pointed out that the Iraqi prime minister had engaged in a strategic dialogue with the Biden administration, and this proves that the relations between this administration and the Iraqis are very strong, beyond military relations, but extending to economy and oil.

US-Iraqi alliance against ISIS was a success: Dahouk

Dahouk stated that when ISIS was formed in 2013, there was an alliance between Iraq and America to fight it, and this alliance still exists and they are waging anti-ISIS campaigns in Syria and even in Africa.

He stressed that providing support to the Iraqi forces has become an easy matter. This includes advice and counselling, in addition to following appropriate policies, especially on the political side.

Concerning the elections, Dahouk praised the Iraqi Prime Minister’s communication with the US to provide observers, as it is considered a very healthy sign indicating that Iraq is on the right path.

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