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A Saudi woman obtains 7 patents in the field of drilling oil wells

Dr. Abeer Al-Olayan, Director General of Strategic Support at the Saudi Ministry of Energy, an expert, innovator, scientist, and academic, is the first Saudi woman to obtain 7 patents in the field of drilling oil wells

Dr. Abeer Al-Olayan worked as a lecturer at the University of Dammam between 1999-2008, and as an assistant professor of analytical chemistry between 2008-2011,

 Starting in 2015, she worked as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States of America.

She began working in Saudi Aramco in 2011, thanks to her great experience as a researcher in the field of petroleum at the Expec Advanced Research Center.

• Biography?

Al Olayan majored in chemistry, and then excelled in studies until she became a teaching assistant at the university, then worked as a lecturer, until she reached the rank of assistant professor, and moved to work in Saudi Aramco,

– The number of its 7 patents, all related to the development of technologies that overcome some of the challenges facing drilling and production operations,

These innovations also save millions of dollars on Aramco by importing machines that perform the same tasks, but at a very high cost.

Al Olayan faced great challenges in the extent to which men were convinced of the competence of women to work in the oil field.

It required her to make a double effort to prove her ability and efficiency in the oil field.

The Woman of the Year Award that Al Olayan received confirmed that Saudi women are strongly present in international awards and are highly qualified,

It proved that they can represent their country in the field of oil, gas, and petrochemicals worldwide.

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