A Saudi traveler travels around KSA with her husband on a motorbike

The Saudi traveler Amal Ahmed, who shares her husband, the Indian traveler Shakil Mir, caught the eye of a motorbike while traveling through the cities of Saudi Arabia.


Amal and her husband found good reception in all cities.


people admired her introductory tours, which she publishes on social media.


In her interview with, Amal described her travels as part of her passion, which she shares with her husband.


Shakil Mir has toured many cities of the world, which made him wear a jacket full of coins and banners.


These banners express his and his wife’s participation in many events inside and outside Saudi Arabia.


Amal Al-Ahmad recounted the details of her trips, which included Jizan, Abha, Hail, Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Ahsa, and several places.


Amal Al-Ahmad’s trips also included international trips to the Emirates.


Acquaintance Story


She mentioned that she met him at one of the celebrations and he proposed marriage to her and she agreed.


She admired his personality and his love of traveling.

Amal shared with him traveling on a motorcycle and enduring the hardship of traveling in order to reach this passion.


One of the most prominent sites that she shared with her husband is going to the Himalayas, which found great echoes.


She said: I am not afraid because my husband is a perfect driver.


She added, “We lived together happy moments on the bike, and our goal is to spread smiles.”


Next Destination


She continued her speech: “The decision to travel to any site is related to the invitation of the event sites.

She also mentioned that her husband’s desire to travel to one of these sites is another reason.


Amal added that we carry a message of happiness that we spread to our followers, as my husband is a well-known man inside and outside the Kingdom.


She mentioned saying that the last stop was in the Hail region, where we were pleased with the participation of its people in their activities.

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