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A Saudi saves British Man from Drowning

Turki Al-Shammari, a Saudi envoy in the British city of Preston, managed to save a British person from drowning in one of the city’s rivers.

For her part, the British wife, Jessica Williams, thanked Al-Shammari in a post on her Facebook page, published his picture and commented that he is “a hero who preserved my husband’s life.”

Scholarships in Britain also celebrated their colleague through the hashtag # Turki Al-Shammari, confirming that their colleague accomplished an honorable deed.

Al-Shammari told the story of the incident by saying, “I always go to the beautiful garden next door to enjoy the beauty of nature, and I used to bring with me the bread that I collect throughout the week to feed the birds on the river. Suddenly I heard a voice asking for help, so I went running to help, I found a woman crying and saying my husband is drowning, then I looked at the river, I saw the man as he was drowning in the river and screaming loudly, asking for help. So I went down to the river quickly to help him, and I lifted him and pulled him up, even though his body is bigger than me.”

He said: “I fulfilled my duty as a human being and as a Saudi Arabian citizen. We were brought up in this country on the teachings of our Islamic religion, just as parenting has a role in giving and helping and spreading good.”

He continued: “When I returned home, I was surprised by the many calls that pleased me and filled my heart with pleasure. I thanked everyone who called, and the person who I rescued called, gave me a gift and a bouquet of roses. I also received thanks from the Attaché and the Saudi Embassy in Britain.”

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