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A Saudi Pharmacist calls to apply Braille labels on medicine packages to help Blind patients

Taha Sakr

A Saudi pharmacist affiliated to the Health Directorate of Kunfuda, a Saudi city in the Tihamah region on the coast of the Red Sea managed recently in launching and implementing an initiative that serves blind patients to recognize type of medicines they receive through applying braille labels on medicine packages, calling on the pharmaceutical companies to spread the idea.

According to the Saudi newspaper of “Sabq”, the idea of the Saudi pharmacist Majid Al-Zubaidi started with a poster printed in “Braille” (A language for blind people) that contains a detailed explanation of how and what to use the medicine.

Al-Zubaidi explained that his idea came up as the number of blind people in the Saudi Arabia exceeded 150,000, asserting that through his experience in delivering medicines to blind patients, he found that blind patients are always in a dire need to get explanation on how to use the medicine.

He added: “The initiative is characterized by a very small financial cost, although its benefit is great, and it is considered the first of its kind in the Arab world, if applied, the blind person can know the type of medicine himself, and how to take it”.

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