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88% of Saudis over age of 15 use the Internet: Study

Leaders Team

The General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia confirmed on its official website, Sunday that 88.60% of Saudis over the age of 15 use the Internet, according to the Saudi Channel of Al-Arabyia.

This was reported in the results of the 2019 ICT Access and Usage Survey for Families and Individuals.

According to the results of the survey, the percentage of families with access to the Internet reached 92.77%, families with a fixed telephone line in the house reached 27.07%, while families with a mobile phone reached 99.27%, families with a computer in the house 53.41%, and finally families that have a television and radio set, respectively 92.9% and 20.57% of that, out of the total number of houses in the Kingdom.

As for individuals, the percentage of individuals of 15 years old and over who use computers reached 46.48%, individuals 15 years and over who use the Internet 88.60%, and who own a mobile phone of the same age group 96.74%, while those who use a mobile phone reached 96.97%, and that is from the total population of the Kingdom aged 15 years and over.

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