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A Saudi fashion designer explains the difference between traditional & folk clothes

Munira Al-Rabiah, a Saudi Arabian researcher and designer of traditional costumes, highlighted that many people confuse traditional, folk, and antique clothing,

She noted that there are significant variances between them depending on location and time.

“The traditional garments are the clothes that were worn in an era of time in a certain place and that defined the identity of this region,” Al-Rabiah remarked to “”

This is because these outfits are worn on national occasions since they represent a country’s or region’s national identity.

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She went on to say, “Folk costumes are a collection of clothes adopted from many civilizations and places. Even though it is a popular costume inspired by Egyptian or Yemeni history, it does not represent the region’s identity because it is a branch rather than a source.”

antique clothing

“Ancient clothing is clothes that no longer exist except in archaeological drawings, such as rocks, caverns, or papers, or are referenced in literature,” she explained.

Munira Al-Rabiah is a Saudi fashion designer who specializes in traditional fashion design, and she believes that resurrecting traditional fashion is a national duty, despite her love for Victorian style.

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