A Saudi doctor’s message to pregnant women with corona

By: Marwa Mahmoud

A Saudi female doctor revealed the efforts made by doctors, obstetricians and nurses in the world.

She said that no one knows what these doctors are facing in terms of defense and tremendous efforts in fighting the Corona outbreak.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant at King Fahd University Hospital in Khobar, Dr. Munira Al-Mulhim, spoke to, saying that she sent a message via Twitter to draw attention to the tremendous efforts made by these doctors, strengthen their resolve, and breathe spirit Courage, until their efforts are visible, she wrote: “From the heart of the event we see and give birth to women with corona, the best greetings to obstetricians and gynecologists all over the world.”

“When a pregnant woman becomes infected with the new corona virus, she lives like any other patient, and  recovers, unless she has chronic diseases such as pressure and diabetes, and here she can be placed in IC  under observation.

The presence of a corona test facilitates the task for gynecologists and childbirth.  There are many increasing cases that most of them have a normal and safe pregnancy, and this is a good thing, as we have not faced any deaths of children or pregnant mothers. “

She pointed out that “Once the mother infected with coronaviruses gives birth to her child, we can, within 24 hours, determine whether or not the child is infected with corona, and all medical procedures are taken.

Hospitals in Saudi Arabia focus their attention on pregnant women, where the pregnant woman finds all the care with efficiency, continuous monitoring, careful follow-up, and great concern for her baby To ensure their safety. “

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