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Helicopter in Iranian President’s Convoy Involves in Accident, State Media Reports

One of the helicopters of a convoy carrying the Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, has been involved in an accident, state media reported.

A helicopter carrying the president and foreign minister experienced a hard landing on Sunday while crossing mountainous area, Iranian news agencies said.

“Some unconfirmed reports say that the helicopter carrying President Raisi has had an accident in East Azerbaijan province,” state television said.

The Interior Minister said that rescuers were having trouble reaching the site due to harsh weather condition.

“The harsh weather conditions and heavy fog have made it difficult for the rescue teams to reach the accident site,” state TV.

The president was on his way back to Iran after inaugurating the Qiz Qalasi and Khodaafarin dams on the Iranian-Azerbaijani border.

The area where the accident happened is about 50km to the north of Tabriz.

Ahmad Alirezabeigi, Iranian MP for the city of Tabriz, has told reporters in Tehran that rescue workers have yet to find the location of the helicopter carrying the president.

The convoy had 3 helicopters, one of which had the accident and the other two landed safely.

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