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A 20 Foot Dead Whale Washed off Kuwait Beach

The Environment Public Authority (EPA) and the Kuwait coast ground recovered a 20-foot long dead whale that was found next to the Al Jaber Causeway.

The EPA said that the coast guard and the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources transferred the whale to the Shuwaikh Port. The Kuwait Municipality will assist in the completion procedures for the whales transfer.

Dead whales

While the Arabian Gulf is not a suitable body of water for whales due its shallow and warm waters, yet several whale deaths have been reported. In 2015, a carcass of a whale was spotted near the Kuwaiti island of Garooh, the EPA said in a statement.

Less than a year later in 2014, a 20-metre whale was found dead on the beach of a Kuwaiti island and officials believe it died while searching for a warm area.

A group of Kuwaitis who were on a voyage near Failaka Island, around 20 km off the northern coast of the Gulf emirate, found the mammal lying motionless on the sand.

“An environment official said the whale appeared to have lost its way while searching for warm water in the Gulf and that it could have had an accident or died for some other reason,” the Arabic language daily ‘Al Anba’ said.

The first ever dead whale to be found in Kuwaiti waters was back in 1961 and was said to have committed suicide in Kuwait’s North Coast, KUNA reported.

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