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60 Iranian children reportedly killed since anti-regime protests

60 children were killed since the outbreak of anti-regime protests in Iran, which erupted two months ago, following the killing of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, in mid-September.

The Hrana Organization for Human Rights Activists in the country (HRA) announced that the death toll from the protests rose yesterday, Sunday, to at least 419, including 60 children, some of whom did not exceed eight years.

While no less than 17,451 demonstrators were arrested in 155 cities

It also indicated in a report published on its website that as of November 20, protest marches had been organized at 142 universities across the country. In addition, security forces arrested no less than 540 students.

This report came in conjunction with renewed protests in the Kurdish cities in western Iran, from last night until the early hours of today. This was after the transfer of units of the Revolutionary Guards and Special Forces to the Kurdish city of Mahabad in West Azerbaijan.

Activists reported that at least three demonstrators were killed by security forces, including a child. These demonstrators took to the streets of Javanrud and Piranshahr to support the protesting people of Mahabad.

Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network reported that the widespread protests continued without interruption and with wide participation of the Kurdish masses in several neighborhoods in Mahabad, such as Chelanan and Bagh Shaygan.

While riot police and Revolutionary Guards armed with “light and medium weapons” were deployed in the main squares of Mahabad, army units and special units were also deployed in the city’s fields.

Protests have escalated in this Kurdish city since Saturday, after the funeral of Kamal Ahmed Pur, one of the victims of the protests. Massive demonstrations and hit-and-runs with security forces took place in the city.

After Amini’s death on September 16, the demonstrations in the country did not subside; rather, they morphed into a popular revolution that engaged Iranians from all walks of life and constituted one of the most daring challenges to the country’s leaders and clerics since the 1979 revolution that brought them to power.


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