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With High Demand for Masks, New Investors in The Market

A number of new investments have appeared in the field of mask-making and respirators. As a result of the pandemic, the need and demand have increased regarding the use of masks; this subsequently happened in light of the spread of Coronavirus and fears of transmission.

This situation has attracted several new investors, including a large number of small start-ups, and they attributed the continuation in the field of fabrication and textile.

The local media channel, “Al-Akhbariya” has interviewed many new investors. They are confirming their commitment to the requirements of health standards in the production process. This penetration of new investors is expected to raise the production of masks in the market as well as the increase of demand.

Others, including businesswomen who are investing in the production of fabric respirators, said that they had to contract additional tailors to be able to meet the demand. Also, some revealed that they invented the manufacture of two-color masks to meet the different desires of customers.

In turn, many customers assured that they prefer to use the cloth muzzle over the medical one since it can be washed and used again, while the medical muzzle cannot be used more than once.

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