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At the beginning of 2018, almost ten years after the first edition, the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) unveiled an updated “International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education” purporting to advocate what it described as “quality comprehensive sexuality education to promote health and well-being, respect for human rights and gender equality, and empower children and young people to lead healthy, safe and productive lives.” In actuality, underneath the flowery, eceptive language, the document represents a full-blown assault on parental rights and traditional morality that its critics say could devastate an entire generation of children.
What UNESCO Wants To Teach Our Children

Writing in the New American last month, the magazine’s foreign correspondent, Alex Newman correctly pointed out that while the UN document claims to provide an “evidence-based approach” to teaching young children about subjects such as sex, homosexuality and gender confusion, much of that so-called “evidence” comes from organizations that promote issues such as abortion and sexual “liberation”. For example, the scandal-ridden, pro-abortion advocacy group, Planned Parenthood, along with the UN itself, were exposed by the US Congress for helping the Chinese implement coercive population control schemes including forced abortions. “Unsurprisingly, considering the UN’s views and its reliance on rabid abortionists for “evidence” and “research” the slaughtering of unborn children in the womb is portrayed as a “right” of women and girls. The unalienable right to life of the babies is nowhere mentioned in the document” writes Newman. Another organization involved in compiling the “evidence” was an advocacy group called OutRight Action International which promotes the so-called “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex” (LGBTQI) agenda. It is no surprise, therefore, that throughout the manual, the UN wants everyone to support that agenda. “The document is filled with references to waging war on “homophobia” and “transphobia,” terms that are routinely applied to describe opposition to the redefinition or undefinition of marriage that began in recent years and culminated with a rogue Supreme Court lawlessly pretending to create a “right” to something called a homosexual “marriage.” writes Newman

While UNESCO played a leading role in developing the document, the global sexuality education guidelines are also being publicly supported by UNICEF, the UN agency ostensibly in charge of “protecting” the world’s children; UNAIDS, which supposedly exists to protect humanity from sexually transmitted diseases; UN Women, the radical pro-abortion group supposedly leading the global fight for “women’s rights;” and even the World Health Organization, which Newman describes as “an extreme organization whose leaders are so out of touch that they recently tried to name Robert Mugabe as “goodwill ambassador” for his alleged success in providing “universal healthcare” to the victims of his own barbarous tyranny.”

The document itself is profoundly shocking to any sane person who believes and adheres to traditional notions of family or morality, whether they be Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, atheist or anything else. In the New American article, Newman lists a shocking litany of UNESCO’s co-called “guidelines”. For instance, the document promotes “sexual pleasure” for children, beginning before they even turn ten. They call for children at age nine to “describe male and female responses to sexual stimulation.” and “demonstrate respect for diverse practices related to sexuality”. The “learning objectives” demand that by age twelve children “support the right for everyone” to “express their sexual feelings” with sex being totally divorced from morality. They are also to be taught about the use of condoms.

The UNESCO document is filled with the “sexual-revolution” ideology that is already devastating families across the world. It brazenly encourages sexual relations outside of marriage and paints traditional morality as old-fashioned and wrong. But its gets worse. Astonishingly, at age five, the children are expected to be able to “define gender and biological sex and describe how they are different.” They are also expected to “express respect” for homosexual parenting. “All people should be able to love who they want,” the document says, a clear reference to normalizing and promoting homosexual relations. When children are nine, they should be able to “explain how someone’s gender identity may not match their biological sex.” At that same age, they must also “demonstrate respect for the gender identity of others.” In other words, even before they reach age ten, they must not only accept, but “respect,” gender confusion which is already being shown to be correlated with mental distress and even suicide. The manual indoctrinates children to fight against “discrimination” based on “gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Finally, in a brazenly unashamed assault on children and families, the UNESCO document says children should be taught to question and even reject their parents’ values and beliefs on sex and marriage, with children told that they should “acknowledge” that their values may be “different” from their parents or guardians. In a section on how to deal with outraged parents or communities that object to the sexualization of their children in government schools, the document has talking points for everything that might be said by critics. In a section addressing arguments about how comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) deprives children of their innocence, CSE advocates and promoters are told to respond that: “Sexuality education is about more than sex. It includes information about the body, puberty, relationships, life skills, etc.” Even the children’s attitudes will be measured and tracked, to ensure that every child is coming away with the attitudes the UN, not parents, want them to have. “CSE includes a number of attitudinal and skills-based learning outcomes,” the document says. It notes, too, that the “learning” of these UN-approved attitudes on sex, abortion, homosexuality, gender confusion, and more is “distributed across a range of school subjects.” Values must change, as well. “It is essential to include a focus on values within a comprehensive approach to sexuality education,” the UN says while repeatedly emphasizing that those “values” are subjective. Adding insult to injury, the document ridicules parents’ concerns about the sexualization of their young children “Parents’ objections to CSE program in school are often based on fear and lack of information about CSE and its impact.” it says. Parents must understand, it continues, that they won’t be completely cut out of the picture. The UN just wants to enter into a “partnership with parents.” And obviously, in its view, the UN knows best.!

In a response to the guidelines, Sharon Slater, president of Family Watch International, an organization that works to defend life, marriage, and the family around the world, did not hold back. In an e-mailed statement she wrote: “We have repeatedly warned governments, parents and other stakeholders that comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is a radical, graphic, sexual-rights, pleasure-based approach to sex education that promotes promiscuity, abortion, and diverse sexual practices and identities to young children. With this new UNESCO technical guidance publication, we now have additional, conclusive evidence to prove it.”

The document, she continued, “clearly reveals the UN’s stealth global agenda to manipulate and sexualize children through comprehensive sexuality education.” As one example, she noted that the document openly promotes “unscientific gender ideology that asks children to identify the difference between biological sex and gender.” It also teaches children “they have a right to sexual relationships,” she added. “Parents should be outraged by the content of the UNESCO publication, and UN Member States should demand that the sponsoring UN agencies withdraw their support immediately,” added Slater, Noting the vast array of UN agencies pushing the scheme, Slater highlighted the danger. “This is an all-out frontal assault on the health and innocence of the world’s children from some of the most powerful and well-funded institutions that set the health standards for women and children across the world,” she said. The CSE mantra is a crucial weapon in the war on the family, Slater concluded. “Comprehensive sexuality education is the primary tool used to advance the global abortion and sexual rights agenda and is designed to change the traditional sexual and gender norms of society by changing the worldviews of children,” she explained. For more information on the dangerous agenda, Slater recommended a short documentary video on CSE by Family Watch International posted at WarOnChildren.org.

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