Weqa Continues its Efforts to Ensure Safety of Sacrificial Animals in Medina

The Weqa branch of the National Center for the Prevention and Control of Plant Pests and Animal Diseases in the Medina region is exerting efforts to ensure the safety of sacrificial animals.

Weqa continuously monitor the sacrifices received for the beneficiaries to ensure that they are free of diseases. This step also attaches importance to the health and safety of the guests of God, visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque, citizens and residents.

This initiative comes under the slogan “Weqa takes care of your sacrifice,” which embodies the center’s commitment to helping beneficiaries choose their healthy and disease-free sacrifices, to ensure an easy and reassuring Hajj season.

Weqa Center was established for the Hajj season by implementing an integrated program for Hajj teams. Moreover, veterinary teams actively inspected sacrificial animals in livestock markets and slaughterhouses to ensure they were free of epidemic diseases. The team also conducted epidemiological investigations of suspected cases and distributed several mobile veterinary clinics to various locations as needed.

The team has established an organized work mechanism to monitor the livestock control process. They deploy specialized veterinary response teams with mobile clinics throughout the market. Moreover, these vets focus on prevention and control measures to reduce the spread of animal diseases. Mobile vehicles actively educate visitors and livestock breeders, enhancing their practices and ensuring the quality of animal products.

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