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Visitors of Expo Doha 2023 Explore Saudi Heritage

Saudi Heritage Shines at Expo Doha

Through a series of Heritage and Artistic Events, Visitors at Expo Doha explored Saudi Heritage. The Saudi Pavilion at the Doha Expo 2023 for Horticulture led visitors on a cultural and heritage journey that narrated the story of Saudi Arabia’s deep-rooted national legacy. This event was a highlight of the Saudi Founding Day celebration, observed annually on February 22.

The celebration of this significant day saw a large turnout of visitors at the Doha Expo. The event was marked by significant engagement and was widely praised for showcasing the diversity and richness of Saudi culture.

Chance to Discover Saudi Heritage

The journey offered a chance to explore the Kingdom’s rich heritage on this historic occasion, which carries significant national symbolism. Besides, the celebration featured light shows and various activities that reflected the unique and rich Saudi identity and heritage.

Expo Doha Showcases Saudi Traditions & Arts

The Founding Day celebration at the Doha Expo 2023 witnessed an impressive influx of attendees, captivated by the diverse aspects of Saudi culture. The event stood out for its vibrant engagement, drawing acclaim for its representation of Saudi cultural richness. Visitors experienced a vivid display of the kingdom’s cultural tapestry, from music and dance to art and fashion.

The event included traditional Saudi folk arts and music performances. Moreover, the Saudi Ardah dance, traditional fashion shows, and fine arts displays, all reflect the aesthetic beauty of Saudi culture. There were exhibitions of handicrafts that blended the nostalgia of the past with the creativity of the present.


Traditional Saudi Folk Dance
Traditional Saudi Folk Dance

Enhancing Cultural Connections

The event is part of KSA’s efforts to enhance cultural communication and introduce the world to its rich heritage and cultural development. Moreover, it is an opportunity to familiarize people with Saudi heritage and culture, strengthening cultural ties and fostering global connections.

What Is Doha Expo?

The Doha Expo 2023 is an international horticultural exposition that highlights innovations, ideas, and achievements in the fields of gardening, landscaping, and sustainable living. It includes exhibitions from many countries, each showcasing its own advancements and cultural elements related to the theme.

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