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Venezuelan colonel announces dropping his allegiance to Maduro and backing to Guido

On Saturday, a Venezuelan colonel announced through a video broadcast that he no longer recognizes the authority of President Nicolas Maduro and will henceforth be subject to the authority of Juan Guaidó who declared himself a transitional president and about 40 countries recognized his legitimacy.

The army colonel Ruben Paz Jimenez said in a video broadcasted via social media channels:“I no longer recognize Maduro a President and I recognize Juan Guido as a transitional president and a higher commander of the national armed forces.”

He added:“Ninety percent of us in the armed forces are unhappy and we are being used to keep them in power.” in reference to Maduro Government.

In the video, the colonel also called to allow the entry of the humanitarian aid sent by the United States to the Colombian border with Venezuela, but Maduro prevented its admission.

Last week, the air force General Francisco Yanez announced dropping his allegiance to Maduro and backing to Guido in a video broadcast via social media platforms.

On the same day, the air force rushed to publish a picture of the general, red-blotted, with the word “traitor” on it.

General Yanez is the highest military to join Guido publically, while Maduro bet on supporting the armed forces to stay in power.

In an interview on Friday, Guido, who has been recognized by about 40 countries as a president, said that he is ready to do everything including to allow military intervention to oust Maduro from power.(AFP)

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