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In a move that would upset Trump, Elizabeth Warren launches her campaign for US presidential elections next year

Senator Elizabeth Warren officially declared her campaign for the next US presidential elections pledging to eliminate economic inequality.

Warren became the most recent member of the Democratic Party to stand for the presidential election against the Current President Donald Trump.

A move like this one, will not just pass by without a response from the campaign team of Trump on Warren even before starting her campaign officially. They described it as “corrupt”
This is considered the first direct intervention of Trump campaign in campaigns of other potential opponents in the presidential election in 2020.

Brad Parscale, Trump campaign manager, did not miss the chance and he shared on social media channels: “The American citizens will reject their unsafe campaign and socialist thoughts that will increase taxes, kill jobs and destroy the middle-class in America.”

Parscale accused Warren of insulting indigenous Americans when she analyzed her DNA to prove that the is a descendant of the indigenous Cherokee tribe of America.

In her speech in Massachusetts, Warren said that Trump is an incarnation to all that’s wrong in American society, considering him a result for the corrupt system that favors the rich and powerful and throw dirt’s on everyone else.

Warren launched her campaign from a famous but long abandoned factory.

She used a background with dim lighting to highlight her main idea that the working class was isolated by the bullying wealthy and successive governments that did not pay attention to the suffering of taxpayers and people.

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