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US President Says his country to defend Taiwan militarily if China invades it

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US President Joe Biden said in Tokyo on Monday that if Beijing invaded Taiwan, the US would defend it militarily, adding that China was “playing with fire.”

“This is the guarantee we made,” Biden said when asked if the US would intervene militarily if China sought to take the island by force.

“We were in accord with the one-China policy, but the concept of (Taiwan) being taken by force is just improper,” he added.

Although US President Joe Biden stated that the US commits to protect the island that China claims as its own, the White House later stressed that its attitude toward the island has not changed.

Military tensions between Taiwan and China are at an all-time high, and President Tsai Ing-wen has already stated that she will fight Chinese annexation.

“We aim to improve cross-Strait ties and will not act rashly,” Tsai added.

“However, there should be no illusions that the Taiwanese people would submit to coercion,” he explained.

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