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US President says bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia are “Pivotal”

The strength of the strategic relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States of America is embodied through coordination between the two countries to face common challenges at the regional and international levels.

 The US administration is keen to strengthen the partnership with Saudi Arabia, confirming its leading role in spreading security and stability in the region.

US President Joe Biden said that the purpose of his visit to Saudi Arabia tomorrow (Friday) is to strengthen joint relations between the two countries.

He added during a press conference, that the relationship between Saudi Arabia and America is a pivotal strategic partnership, and that the reason for his visit to the Kingdom is more than just taking into account American interests.

President Joe Biden will start a visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tomorrow, during which he will meet King Salman and the Crown Prince, to discuss strengthening Saudi-American relations.

 Biden will participate in a Gulf summit, in the presence of the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq.

Saudi Arabia and the US are linked by strategic trade relations, as America is the fourth trading partner of Saudi Arabia in the volume of trade, the second in the value of imports, and the sixth in the value of exports.

 742 American companies operate in Saudi Arabia, and the total American capital invested in Saudi Arabia is 90.6 billion riyals.

 There are more than 21,034 American brands in the Saudi market until 2022.

The volume of trade exchange between the two countries in 2021 amounted to about $25,069 million, and Saudi Arabia ranks 28th as a trading partner for US exports to the world.

Education and culture

In the educational and cultural aspects, the two countries enjoy strong relations.

 This year, 21,035 Saudi students on scholarships studying in the United States of America, were sent scholarships within the King Salman Scholarship Program.

 The number of Saudi students on scholarships to study in the United States has exceeded half a million students since the program was launched in 2006.

The launch of the Saudi Ministry of Tourism tourist visas in 2019 contributed to attracting tourists from the United States wishing to explore Saudi Arabia and visit its historical sites and unique tourist areas.

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